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      So I just purchased Arkenforge today as I was looking for something to enhance my current level of digital mapping. Up to now I’d been using Photoshop and screen-sharing that window on my secondary display via Discord. Long have my complaints been against other VTT and Map-Making softwares that the UI wasn’t intuitive enough and that things like a “snap-to grid” function need to be present. Arkenforge has answered my prayers in that respect!

      However, I’m bumping into a slight conundrum when it comes to importing textures for use in terrain/repeatables. I had done some map-making via PowerPoint as the AutoShape drawing tools were actually highly useful for drawing building blueprints and so on back in the day. One of the features that was useful when say drawing a wall, was that I could scale the texture being used on the wall so that the image displayed at a consistent scale no matter how thick/thin/big/small I made the rectangle that was meant to be the wall. If I made the wall 2″ thick the texture wouldn’t scale with the wall it would maintain the same size and simply tile further as needed. Is there a way to set that within Arkenforge so that when I use my textures for walls and such my texture maps don’t end up shrinking down with them until you can barely tell what they are anymore?

Viewing 0 reply threads
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