resizing options and setting an imported map image as a tile

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    I would love some other resizing options such as the ability to stretch an object horizontally or vertically.

    I would also love to import a map as an image and then be able to place tiles over it. Not sure how that would work but that would be great.

    I was also thinking that it would be great to get some simple shapes added that we can use to build things that aren’t available. Triangles, circles, squares and such so that we can manipulate them to make new objects within arkenforge.


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    James Smith

    I apologize for the delay, my day job sometimes gets in the way.

    I am happy to report that everything you are asking for is actually already on the to-do list! It might take us a little while, but all of those will be added in a future update! If you aren’t already, I recommend joining our Discord ( We respond much faster there, and when we can’t our AMAZING community fills in for us!

    Thanks, and keep on crafting, fellow Arken-smith!

    James Smith
    Community Ambassador

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