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      First I’d like to congratulate the team for the great software. Its really shaping up to be something amazing.
      However, I find the whole software is crazy resource intensive.

      I am currently using in on a Lenovo Thinkpad E585 from 2018 with a Ryzen 5 APU equipped with Vega 8 and when I launch the software and it is on the base menu it is sucking up 20% of my CPU and 90% of my GPU, idle.
      The launcher alone takes 10%, forcing me to kill it at each launch.
      This amazing AMD integrated GPU runs Dark Souls 3 yet struggles with an idle Master’s Toolkit.
      Fans start blowing like crazy because of the temperature rising.

      I was wondering if I was the ony one in this case, if dramatic performance improvements are on the roadmap or if I just need to throw more hardware at it. It doesnt “feel” like it should be so computationaly intense, especially out of the box without dynamic lightning and tons of loaded objects.
      To be frank it feels very underoptimized.
      It is often shown running on laptops and such, but most laptops dont have big dedicated GPUS (if at all) so I wonder what kind of laptops we are supposed to own to run it at full smoothness.

      Thanks for reading

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