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    During a scenario session last week, I noticed an issue with object selection; typically when you select an object, the selection indicator (translucent blue compass arrows) will appear in the center of the object on which you clicked. If you select multiple objects, the indicator appears centered between the selected objects.

    About an hour or two into our session, however, I noticed that certain objects (in this case, tokens I’d imported to represent PCs & monsters), when clicked upon, had the selection indicator offset from the object, and by quite a bit; sometimes to the left, sometimes to the bottom … it didn’t seem consistent.

    Not ALL objects were affected, in fact not even all the PC token objects were affected – most continued to work fine, but the ones that were affected always display this issue, whether in Cartographer or Scenario mode and even after closing/restarting Arkenforge, or opening the map on a different PC.

    I’ve linked a few screenshots showing the problem below:

    arkbugreport-1.png | https://vip.soonr.com/6/filelink/b3wji-5j5h2i-42zgjoh7
    Each of the three screenshots shows the issue, upon selecting a SINGLE object.
    – top left: the bearded dwarf token was selected/clicked on
    – top right: the blonde lady token was selected
    – bottom: the dark-haired halfling was selected

    arkbugreport-2.png | https://vip.soonr.com/6/filelink/b3wji-5j5hz6-gzo2kd4a
    This is an example of selecting multiple objects.
    – the screenshot on the left is correct, the selection indicator appears where you’d expect (note that selection of either of the individual objects in this ‘group’ worked without issue).
    – the screenshot on the right shows the offset indicator

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    fwiw – I tried removing the afflicted objects and then readded them (same tokens) … the new objects/tokens are again behaving correctly w/respect to selection indicator

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    Dont know if this helps.
    But holding down the shift key, you can move the selection wheel around without moving the object.

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      Intersting, I’ll have to test that – I suppose I could have accidentally cause the selection wheel to change for the objects in question; I’ll try to recreate and report back, thanks.

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    It’s possible that the floor beneath was also being selected, which would skew the center position. To be safe, you can lock your terrain.

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    This happens frequently for me. I end up having to use shift to move the wheel. Is there a way to reset this for all objects/tiles/ repeatables?

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