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      Hi, I’m new to the community but am loving Arkenforge. I’m about to start using it for the first time remotely to DM, but I am having an issue when trying to use Zoom. I’ve followed all the steps from the tutorial, but when needing to choose the “Unity 2nd Screen – Master’s Toolkit” option when sharing a screen, that option is not available to me. I can share either one of my monitor screens, the individual programs I have running, but “Unity 2nd Screen” never presents itself as an option.

      I know there is another thread on this topic from gcthomson from over a month ago, but when I tried to comment on it, the forum actually would never let me fully sign in to leave a comment (also weird).

      Anyway, has anyone else on a Mac had this issue? Anyone have a fix or an explanation?

      I’ve attempted to run this on both my Mac Pro (2013) Desktop running Mojave 10.14 and my Macbook Pro (15-inch 2018) running Catalina 10.15.5

      Any insight or help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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