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    The program has been awesome for our D&D campaign, however, we recently picked up Battle Tech to fill that sci-fi battle strategy itch, the software works well there too for the hex grid, but one thing that I noticed was missing almost immediately was the ability to write text on the maps.

    To be specific I would like to label individual tiles as 1,2,3, etc in order to easily label height. We currently use a key for tile types/colors but numbers would be great!

    If less possible or not at all, would you mind pointing me towards how to make my own tile designs so I can create numerically labeled ones?

    Keep up the awesome work!

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    James Smith

    First off, thanks for the Praise! The Dev team works very hard at making the best product they can, which makes our job as support much easier! As to adding notations to the tile level, it has been added to the request list and will make its way into the program in the future. In the meantime, if you have The Wild pack, there is a repeatable called Edges. Two types, cliff and wall. I suggest using those to outline the section of tiles you wish to appear raised. I actually cover how to do this in my Tips and Tricks videos over at my group’s YouTube channel. Here is a link to the specific video:

    To make your own, I would have to advise to ask in the Discord channel, as there are several artists who are more qualified to answer that question there.

    I hope this helps!

    James Smith
    Community Ambassador

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    Hey hey!

    Writing on maps is coming in the future! In the meantime, the best bet is using something like photoshop to create images of your numbers with transparency to import in.

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    Thanks for this, both of you! I will see what I can manage until that update is available.

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