• 27/05/2018 at 10:03 #2095

    I’ve been having a play around and am looking forward to using it more!

    Few small bits of non urgent feedback. This is all on single screen mode.

    1) Setting resolution in the settings tab doesn’t seem to do anything, nor does trying to change submenus.
    2) Fog of war doesn’t hide things in the player map of the scenario module.
    3) 16×10 resolution adds grey bars top and bottom.
    4) Instead of a version number, there is just the letter v in the bottom right corner.
    5) Fog of war in the cartography module retains the last object selected (adding a bathtub to removing fog of war is kind of amusing though)

    Screenshots attached.

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  • 27/05/2018 at 10:38 #2105

    Hey there!

    On the fog of war front, it only appears black on the second screen. We keep it transparent on the main monitor so you can see what to reveal. The bathtub is definitely amusing though 🙂 If you right click or press escape it should forget the brush, but I’ll set it to forget automatically.

    Resolution selection definitely looks broken. The bars are intentional, however. It’s easier for us to add bars at this stage than it is to rework our entire UI for a 16:10 resolution.

    I’ll fix up the version number issue. I mustn’t have changed the file path for that one

    Thanks for the feedback! 😀

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