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      I’m currently using a UHD620 laptop to run masters toolkit. I keep having issues with the maps loading super slowly, and the town and city pack is, let’s say, difficult. So, I realize the UHD620 video card is decent for a bargain laptop, but nowhere near up to snuff for this application. I run a couple of heavy graphics programs, all tabletop RPG programs, and am becoming aware of how woefully inadequate the UHD 620 actually is.

      So, right now I’m looking at a few laptops that would be serious upgrades from where I am now. I have two grand, and I need a 3d printer and a cutting machine for minis, a silhouette. Anyways, I’m looking at a 1660 Ti laptop and a 2070 Super laptop. I understand that these may be overkill, but I want to be sure if the choice I make will handle the program.

      The 2070 Super machine has 16GB of ram and a 1TB ssd. it’s 1509.00. it has an intel I7-9750H at 2.6Gh with 4.5Gh turbo.
      The 1660 Ti is 16GB ram with a 500Gb ssd. it’s 849.00. It has the same CPU as the above.

      So, the question is what are the requirements vs the reality of these Video Cards, and which equals the best use of my money? I should note that I don’t play video games, I play tabletop RPG’s, so this question concerns programs like Arkenforge and the ability to play video maps like dynamic dungeons.

      Any recommendations?

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