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      First off, I’ve been using Master’s Toolkit to GM my pathfinder group for about a year now, and it’s been brilliant! I really like the system you’ve set up, and it works very well for the way I build my maps, which are built out of assets i’ve imported into the content library. I’ve explored the features you have extensively, and feel like i use them to their fullest capacity. Here are some things that i’ve thought of while using it that would be of great benefit.

      1. The feature to save a preset for an object and then apply it to others has been a life saver for me, so thanks for that. But if you could also include an option to blanket-apply a saved custom preset to multiple selections at once that would save a lot of time of having to go into each object and repeat the process manually.

      2. Not sure if this has been requested, but some kind of way of attaching visual notes to objects that can be seen only by the GM as default but then toggled on for the players by clicking a button. I get’s really difficult to keep track of which monster is which when there are more than 4, and although i know you can hold alt and display their names, they only appear when you mouse over them. It would be incredibly useful to have this information available all the time and be able to customise as you go, as i’ve suggested.

      3. For the light colour palette selector it’s a drag that you can’t see what part of the colour grid is currently selected. If there was some kind of selector that remained on the graph it would mean coming back to that colour on other objects easier, or when you want to revisit the same one and tweak it. Currently there’s no way to save different colours that you like, so some kind of easy colour favourites drop down list would also be great.

      4. This is a big one for me. One of the problems I run into is when changing floors on the GM’s screen the screen goes black for the players. This doesn’t seem like much of an issue, but if you’re in the middle of combat and it’s the GM’s turn and the players are waiting for something to happen and suddenly the screen goes black it’s a huge giveaway that there are other enemies on other floors getting into position. This really ruins the surprise, and there’s currently no way around it. So if you could at least have an option for the player’s screen to remain on a chosen floor that would massively reduce the capacity for player meta-gaming.

      5. Since I import most of my content, the barrier system is a brilliant. Couple things that would make it better though. 1) The ability to erase individual links in a string of barrier placements, rather than the whole string being erased. This would save a lot of time. 2) A lock all button just for the barriers. Drives me nuts have to find work arounds for this but using the other buttons and then manually un/locking other things where necessary to achieve this withought things i did or didn’t want locked being locked or unlocked.

      6. Small one, but would be really nice: A way in the program to re-scan for a secondary screen. It’s annoying having to close the program and then reopen when you forget to plug in your secondary monitor before opening the toolkit.

      7. Currently all my games are run remotely for obvious reasons, and it’s annoying that to use the player screen i have to plug in a second monitor just so that i can then share that window, when nobody is actually looking at the other physical monitor screen. Is there a way of having a setting where you can have the player screen appear just in a second window? Then that could just be shared on Zoom or whatever, without having to get a second monitor. Would be nice.

      8. The music looping system doesn’t seem to like long audio files. I have tried to use it to run hour long ambiences in combination with shorter ones, but it really struggles to load them and seems to slow everything down. I know you’re overhauling the sound system, so maybe it’ll be resolved, but thought i’d mention it.

      That’s all for now, thanks for all your work and looking forward to the updates to come!

      Oh, by the way, the new Sound Ambience maker in the beta is amazing! Had a big play around with it and it’s able to make so much more convincing audio environments with all the modulation options you’ve included. I’m definitely going to be using it a lot.


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      All excellent requests! And thanks for the new ambience feedback!

      1. You can do this already 😊 https://youtu.be/CpixxWVAj14

      2. Planned

      3. Agree that the colour selection could be improved

      4. Currently not doable unfortunately, but we’ll try our best!

      5. Lock all barriers is excellent. Erasing part of a barrier is harder than you’d think, but it’s one we want to do

      6 & 7: Both limitations of the engine we’re using. The multi screen support isn’t excellent

      8. We’ll definitely look into this one. Long audio may take a bit to load up, but there shouldn’t be any major performance issues.

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      Thanks for the speedy reply man!

      Look forward to seeing the updates.


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      Hey there,

      For item 2, I start making use of a few things.

      Thorstan’s pack, Thorstan’s Tiles, has items under “marker’ that are numbers and letters. I sometimes use those to keep track of monster 1, 2, 3, etc.

      Sometimes, I go to the “Color” tab and put and put colored squares (place as object, then scale it to my liking) and track monsters by colored tile. I’ve definitely enjoyed using the orange on top of custom tokens that have hats.

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      My solution to item 2:
      I have taken the animated circular portal, copied it several times and changed their colors. I then move those behind the tokens of my creatures and scale them so they’re just a bit larger than the tokens, then grouped them up so I can easily select and move them. In my notes, I can have “Orange Zombie, Yellow Zombie, Green Zombie” and a bit of space for initiative. The current “Dark Souls”-like campaign I’m doing, I can just print off every encounter on the map and players can just go from group to group.
      I imagine the DM could hide the circles from the players, just so that they show up to the DM.

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