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      Jim Edwards

      Loving this product but Arkenforge keeps installing to my C: drive which is my boot drive, so I don’t want it there. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it just throws it back on the C: any suggestions?

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      Hey Jim,

      We’ve seen a couple of people now with this installer bug. We’re unfortunately not sure what causes it, but after installation you should be able to move it to any folder you like 🙂

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      Jim Edwards

      Thank you so much. Great product and awesome customer service. I’m doubly happy with my purchase now.

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      Shane Orr

      Yeah, as Nathan mentioned, you should be able to just move the program files into whatever folder you want. You also have to go into the settings in the program and change the data directory though.

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      I am having an issue at installation. I am trying to install the demo but when I get to the last INSTALL prompt, it throws an error at me claiming my C: drive does not have enough space, despite my prior designation into my E: drive. I change the drive and it still stalls at the drive support.

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      I’m also having this issue. It will ONLY install to C. if you pick a new spot or create an install folder for it, the installer will ignore the previous step and try to install to C. Since I have an NVME SSD for my boot drive this is not an option. So I’ve spent 25 dollars on a program I can’t use. this needs to get fixed.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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