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    I’m just wondering what the default grid size is for when I import objects. It might be much easier for me to edit the PNG’s directly than to try to resize them in the Pack Creator.

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    One square is 256×256 🙂

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    hello, about this, a suggestion, or a feature request..
    I found this post because I was looking for something similar, when you import a roll 20 or other asset that usually have a grid size of 70px or 140px or something else, actually it isn’t easy to get a perfect match since you need to enter the scale, ex: 256/140 = 1.828571428571429….

    and you have to set manually that scale for every image, what about, instead of entering a scale, using the grid size and let the pack creator do the math? for example you could enter the grid size of your imported asset, in my example that would be “140px”.

    having an option to set it as default for all the imported images would be nice, as it would be an option to “mass add” to the selected preset a group of imported assets instead of manually clicking the + on every image..

    just my opinion, what do you think?

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    Your way is definitely better.

    We’ll be building the pack creator into the Toolkit over the next few months, and we’ll be updating a lot of these problems then.

    Unfortunately in the meantime, you need to set the values individually.

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    Thank you for your answer, I’m looking forward for every update, love the software and the potential it has, is getting better and better.

    Thank you again for listening us and taking the time to answer!

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