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      Really excited about Arkenforge. It looks amazing. So I have a complex question. Easier if I explain my setup and you can tell me if Arkenforge can support it. I use 2 roll20 accounts and cast one account via google chrome cast to a TV for the players. While I use the other account to control the fog of war feature. I’m hoping Arkenforge can help me eliminate the need to use Roll20 all together, but still be able to control the fog of war feature. Is this possible with my setup?


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      Shane Orr

      You can easily use Arkenforge on a laptop connected to TV. That’s exactly what it’s designed for. It comes complete with fog of war, etc. You will have to do some work on your maps to add light barriers for FOW, but the results are better than anything else out there.

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      Ax DiGi

      I have a related question: when I was tinkering around with the one week trial, I noticed that I couldn’t move the Arkenforge app to the extended monitor (the TV), and that it was stuck on the primary screen of the laptop.

      I use DnD Beyond for a lot of stuff while I DM, and I was hoping to keep doing that on my laptop screen, while also using the extended screen for Arkenforge.

      Is this possible? Did I just miss a simple option to fix this? I’m eager to buy the Masters Toolkit if I can get this figured out. 🙂

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        Ax DiGi

        Suppose I should have looked at more tutorial videos before asking the questions. Answers are on YouTube. 🙂

Viewing 2 reply threads
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