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      I think it might help me visualize and focus on reasonable requests if I had a better idea of what the visualized use-case is for running a group. I know this is in an alpha state so I’m very much using my imagination, but I’m having a problem imagining everything that I would like all being available on the Scenario screen simultaneously. Since I’m looking at putting something together for a group I hope to be running starting in the March/April timeframe I want to wrap my head around it.

      So, first, if the idea is that the GM switches between the existing screens as the scenario is playing out then there needs to be some kind of shortcut bar along the bottom (top/left/right/draggable/dockable?) of every screen that has a button to access every other screen. Something like the Windows Quick Launch toolbar. Oh, and keyboard shortcuts for everything as well.

      Another option is to have Preset/Popup dialogs for each of the sections (Map/Sound/etc) available right on the Scenario screen. For instance, the popup would be a reduced Cartographer which would have easy access to presets and a limited, selectable, pallet of items. The same with the Soundscapes, mixers, limited music, ambients, and fx.

      One of these options does not preclude the other, in the second option if you want to do something outside what you have a shortcut for you should be able to jump to the other screen and do it.

      All of these things should be saveable as “scenes” from the scenario screen.

      Anyway, I think it would help me be more reasonable (for certain definitions of reasonable) if I had an idea what use-cases you guys envision for this.

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      Hey Captain!

      Our idea is that the scenario module is what you’ll be using live during your game, and everything else is preparation. From scenario, you can access your music and sfx, use the map with some limited fucntionality (can’t place new tiles or move objects, but can hide things, set lights, etc.), and access your notes, initiative tracker, character sheets, etc.

      We’ll be designing each section of the scenario module to be modular and movable, so you can customise your screen how you like it, and can choose to add or remove different sections.

      That’s the basic idea anyway. Scenario is your DM screen, everything else is your giant prep book.

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      Got it, perfect!

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