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      Hi there,

      I’m not sure whether the title explains the issue well, but I have a real annoying problem that I cannot find really something about, but maybe it is just a general performance issue of the app or just my specific problem.

      My gaming desktop should run the toolkit quite well, which it does usually, except when selecting objects.
      I made a bigger map with quite some objects, a lot of lighting and animated objects. Also I imported a few thousand objects into the library, which “load” when starting the Tool Kit, filling up my RAM, maybe thats the issue…
      But, the frame rate while running the map in a game settled at around 50 fps. But as soon as I highlight an object, especially by hiding them, the frame rate drops to around 6 fps…
      Even just selecting a single object cuts the frame rate by about 10 fps. Everything becomes super draggy…
      I tried to run a fight with about 40 tokens, of which most were hidden at the beginning, which was impossible to handle. So I had to unhide almost everything…
      Also bigger assets with more border “surface” and animated assets that cause the border to move, cause a huge amount of impact on the system and are almost impossible to move around…
      I also tested it with hidden objects, and hiding just like 6 or 7 tokens dropped the fps from 50 to like 10 because of the blue borders…

      Is there anything that I can do to reduce or avoid this? Is it any kind of setting issue?
      I don’t even know why the relatively simple looking highlight borders should have this kind of impact…

      Is performance one of the issues that will be adressed in the upcoming updates?
      Because to be honest, Arkenforge is awesome, but I don’t even know why it should impact any gaming PC as much as it does…

      Thanks in advance for any help!

      – Horrid

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      Hey Horrid!

      We’re aware of since framerate issues caused by our outlining system, especially on complex objects. If there’s a lot of hidden objects, there’s quite a bit of processing going on each frame in the background. We were also pretty shocked when we realised the performance hit.

      Our beta version has the option to disable outlining, so it could be worth giving that a shot 🙂

Viewing 1 reply thread
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