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      Hey guys,

      This new encyclopedia is amazing. I cannot wait to get into it and have all my stuff in one place. I especially love the way there is the world and then the campaign within it. Very smart!

      I’d love to be able to work on this part outside of home and sync it with the main PC again. It’d let me get it done in lunch at work, or waiting for friends or anything.

      I have an Android tablet, but even on a laptop – something that isn’t the gaming computer. Even if it was some folder format or txt/rtf file(s) method to import or sync with Arkenforge when I return.

      Keep up the great work guys. You’ve allowed me to turn my games from enjoyable to epic!

      – Chris

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      I too would love a way to sync and/or import files that I worked on while mobile. Something like a Markdown formatted parser would be a good way to make this happen, not just with android, but with all other platforms.

      -N. Phillip Cole @ Breakfast Puppies / Alliterated Games

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      It would be nice if encyclopedia Synced across devices or had an export option so that I could send my quest from office to table.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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