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      So, I’m getting back into D&D after roughly 15 years, mainly to introduce it to my children (all boys, 18, 13 and 8). I’ve stumbled across Arkenforge and am extremely interested in this product, but have some questions before I dive in head first.

      1. After I purchase, will I be able to work on multiple PCs, or am I limited to use on just 1 PC?
      2. Is it even feasible to work on multiple PCs, in regards to file size, cloud storage, etc.? Or would I need to utilize a flash drive?

      I have a desktop PC, as well as a Surface Pro. I would like to setup the desktop PC as the main PC connected to the TV, but also would like to be able to work on my maps on the Surface while out of town.

      Thanks for any input!

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      Hey, thanks for the questions!

      1. You can install on as many PCs as you like with the one purchase

      2. We don’t offer any cloud storage ourselves, but some of our users have had success putting their data folder into a sync’d Dropbox or Google Drive folder on their computer

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      Great! Thanks for the info!

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        Ax DiGi

        Hi dmwilliamson21,

        Checking to see how your experience has been so far? I’m considering a purchase of the Masters Toolkit myself this week and was wondering if you’ve had any success with using cloud storage and multiple PCs.


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      Hey Az DiDi.

      I use dropbox to share between 3 different computers with no issues. Give the trial a shot and let us know if you need help setting it up on the cloud.

      Bouvi - Bernie Fritts
      Community Support

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      How do you think I sell OSRS GOLD for

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