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    I like how the Master’s Toolkit is turning out, and just finished my first extensive map with it – the first floor of a large Inn. When I was drawing the road, grass and small farm plot that surrounds this thing, I found I really missed having an airbrush tool like the one I used for years in photoshop.

    The ability to set 0-100 opacity, and have a flowing airbrush tool that mists around the edges would be a huge help in shorelines, muddying up the edges of roads, adding a little extra shading to the edges of building foundations, even marking up a floor a little so it looks like thousands of people have worn a track into the stone or scuffed the varnish off the wood in an entryway.

    I know you guys are building a great tool here, I love it so far, but an airbrush would allow me to make the maps look so much better.

    Even so, I love the Toolkit, can’t wait to finish setting up my digital tabletop so I can put the fog of war to work!

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    Hey Randolph!

    While we don’t have an airbrush per-se, you are able to achieve a similar effect.

    With a tileable selected, set the type to brush, and the transparency to 0.97 – 0.99.

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    Nice, after trying it out a bit, I’ve been able to layer a little, so I think I’ll stop craving my old airbrush tool soon enough. I didn’t want to have to export all my maps to Photoshop for finishing, even though I know a lot of artists do with software packates like this. A one-stop-software package is more fun, and it’s really close.

    Now I’d like to see a world map builder, a waterwheel image I can use commercially, and built in food delivery ordering. (Just kidding, your software is awesome, and I can get my own sushi.) ๐Ÿ™‚

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    James Smith

    All of those (including a Uber-Eats API) are on the list to be added. I believe an animated waterwheel is to be included in the upcoming Cities & Towns pack!

    James Smith
    Community Ambassador

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    I can’t wait for that towns pack!

    Again, thanks for the great software. ๐Ÿ™‚

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