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    Hello everybody!

    I am seriously considering using Master’s Tools for my own online campaigns and I would like to ask a few questions (which you may also consider as suggestions, if what I ask was not already implemented). Thanks in advance for any information you will share!

    Here they go:

    1) is the size of grid squares customizable? For some RPGs I would like each square in the grid to represent 1.5 meters, while for some other RPGs 2 or 3 meters. Is it possible to scale the grid relative to the underlying graphics?

    2) can I have coordinates on the grid? Something that proved very useful in our online sessions is to be able to say something like “my character moves to square C-12”. Is it possible to show coordinates on the player’s screen/window?

    3) can one add placeholders (colored flags, or figurines…) on the map to track where each playing character and NPC is standing at the moment?

    4) is the double screen functionality working fine with Google Hangouts’ “Share screen” function? Any experience with this?

    5) I and my fellow players travel a lot: sometimes we play using a laptop, sometimes we have to rely on smartphones, and sometimes the WiFi is just bad. Thus I have the impression that although it is super-cool to have dynamic lighting and the like, occasionally it would be also good to switch them off and just have a plain map that is easy to see on a small screen. Is it possible to turn more complex lighting on and off (without having to rebuild all the map)?

    6) about the fog of war: I love what I see in the video where it is removed just moving the mouse like a paintbrush! I wonder if the size of this “paintbrush” can be changed and if it supports undo commands (just like the eraser in the Gimp, Photoshop, etc.).

    Thank you and keep it up the good work!

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    Hey there dieke!

    1) It’s not possible yet, but it’s coming as part of 0.5. Because we’re system agnostic currently, we’ve just assumed the grid will be one inch and ignored any actual distances for now.

    2) That could be useful. One potential problem is that our grid is infinite, so those numbers and letters can get very high! Added to the requested feature list regardless ๐Ÿ™‚

    3) You can import any content you like. We support both PNG and JPG image imports.

    4) Yes, it should work fine. You just need to output the second screen to a second monitor and share that screen.

    5) Toggling lighting on and off isn’t currently a feature, but it’s been requested. It’s something we’ll add in soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    6) Paintbrush size can be changed, but it doesn’t respond to undo commands a the moment. That should be coming in during our 0.3.2 update series.

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      Fantastic, thank you Nathan for the very quick and complete reply! I am already playing with the map editor right now… ๐Ÿ™‚

      A tiny follow-up suggestion about point 2: maybe the coordinates’ labels might be fixed relative to the window/screen rather than to the map. What I mean is that the first square in the upper-left corner in the player’s screen would always be names “A1” regardless of which part of the map is currently being displayed. In this way players could still refer to a specific square using coordinates as long as all players (and the GM) look at the same screen.

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