PAX AUS 2018!

G’day folks,

One year ago on the eve of PAX AUS 2017, a humble kickstarter page was put together along with a small booth in the Melbourne Exhibition Center ready for the unsuspecting public. This was the birth of Arkenforge and beginning on our journey with the Masters Toolkit.

Now we return to the sacred grounds of our conception a little wiser, a little smarter, and thanks to our supporters new and old, a little better!

We will be showcasing the Masters Toolkit in action, running games and demo stations at our booth (TT946) all three days of the convention. If you want to join in the fun and celebrations feel free to come say hi!

Bring family, friends and fellow adventurers so they might join the Arkenforge crew and help make this a PAX to remember!

See you there,
The Arkenforge Team

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