Encyclopedia Improvements – v0.4.0.58

Hey folks! Our latest public patch is all about improving the quality of life of our Notes and campaign management tools.

Key features:

Size Field

We’ve added a ‘size’ field for notes. This field will set the size of your note on the map in squares, allowing for easy sizing of your tokens. In our next public update, this will also affect the size of the token’s healthbar.


Note Icon Field

Note icons have been moved to their own ‘note icon’ field and are no longer a permanent fixture of your notes.  The functionality of this field remains the same: determining the look of your note on your maps and the Arkenbar.


Quality of life improvements

  • When you reorder Notes Fields, it will now show where the note field will drop, so you’ll no longer have to feel the frustration of your note fields being dropped to the bottom of your note.
  • The link dragged into a text field will now show the proper location before dropping.
  • Current font size is now always visible on the note formatting bar.
  • You can now recolour Stat blocks.
  • You can now set a background colour for your note.


Full patch notes:

– You can now link Bookmarks.
– Clicking on a map link will ask if you want to load the map, rather than instantly loading
– Default colours in Encyclopedia Settings stay as correct colour after being hovered
– Image window can no longer open too large for the screen
– The dragged content indicator will go more transparent when dropping content into a text field

Ambience Player
– When a window is closed or minimised the currently selected ambience will no longer be removed from the player.

– Fixed a crash that could occur when adding image to Icon or Media fields from file import
– Underline colour now the same as text colour
– Note icons are now an optional field. Notes with a custom icon already set will have this field added by default
– Can delete Aliases
– Can now set the colour of a note link
– Note links will now all be underlined
– Added option to increase and decrease stat block size
– Added Size field. Used to determine token size in squares
– Vision fields can no longer be added above/below another field if a vision field already exists in the note
– Text formatting bar now shows selected font size in text form
– Stat block field border & field name colour is now customisable
– Stat field border colour & name colour is now customisable
– Stat field top value & bottom value colour is now customisable
– Note background colour is now customisable
– Dragging a link into a text field will now show the position that the link will be dropped
– We have also fixed cases of the link dropping one character earlier than expected
– Dragging a link into a text field will now automatically select the text field and resume typing at the correct position
– ‘Save as new layout’ moved to right click menu
– There is now a visual indicator for where note field will be dropped when reordering
– Replaced ‘you can right click to add note field’ text with ‘add note field’ button
– ‘Add stat block field’ now available from all note field right click menus
– ‘Add vision field’ now available from all note field right click menus

– Fog of war colour will now be saved correctly
– Content links now render tint correctly
– Fixed some instances where dragging a note into a map would cause a note to be placed with the default note icon
– Hidden notes with vision fields no longer show vision

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