Dungeons Deep release

The Dungeons Deep pack is now out in Early access!


This bespoke asset-pack is jam-packed with Dungeon building tools, treasures and traps! Take your adventurers down below, don’t forget your 10-foot pole, and your torches!

The staples of dungeons deep, crypts, sarcophagus, endless treasures, rotten old furniture, remains of adventurers of old, and grandiose caverns are amongst the most distinctive assets of this pack.

For the next 14 weeks (starting on the 22nd of August) the pack will receive free weekly module expansions, just like Towns and cities did. These will be announced every Saturday at 1AM AEST:

  • Rotten Catacombs
  • Undercity Sewers
  • Lair of the Spider-Queen
  • Lost Mines Deep
  • City of the Dwarves
  • Dungeons of Pain
  • Hellscapes
  • Secrets of the Pharaohs
  • Blood-Arena
  • Dungeons of the Vampire-king
  • Deadly Traps

The early Access is discounted until Mid-September so grab your copy now clicking here!


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