Weekly Update #5

Results are in!

For those that may have missed last week’s update, we ran a Poll concerning our content release schedule for the next three months.
We felt that the essentials content (the content you receive with no extra cost) wasn’t expansive enough to cover the “essentials” of a lot of tabletop RPG adventures so we want to expand the amount of content available.

Thus we created our Poll asking:

A) would you like us to expand the essentials content as soon as possible and have it done by march, pushing back our development schedule of our extra content backs by 3 months?
B) you’d rather we maintain our current schedule with our first extra content pack being released in march and then slowly update the essentials as we go

Based off the results from this poll we will be expanding the essentials content within the next couple of months and appreciate all of those that voted.

If you have any other questions or comments regarding this decision, or anything else for that matter, feel free to email us at “info@arkenforge.com”


The patch updater and launcher is still on its way and expect it soon, our resident tech wizard is on the case!

Keep sending us some images of what you’ve created on the cartographer friends! We can start sharing those pictures around and spread the love.

Keep up the feedback!
The Arkenforge team

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