Weekly Update #10


March is marching closer and with it the official Beta release of the software.
As scary as it sounds to us we are excited to bring the Masters Toolkit to the next level and show you some things we have worked on to get us there.
Moving forward we have a couple of previews for some new tiles that you should see once the Beta has been released.

We’ve had some fantastic emails requesting specific tiles and would love them to keep on coming!
Email address: info@arkenforge.com

As we mentioned last week, we want to make customisation options available to those who want to make their Atlas their own. Thus we have experimented with some engravings and come out with some nice previews to what we can do for you in the future!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for such options for the Atlas products, email away! (info@arkenforge.com)

We would also like to thank Vader_X for their map upload and all others we hope to eventually share with everyone. Welcome to Vader_X’s Desert Ruin!

Please keep sending us your maps or feel free to share them on forum!
Arkenforge Team

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