How do I use Community packs ?

Importing the custom packs manually into the Master’s Toolkit

Once our pack is ready, we can import it via the Arkenforge Launcher.

Step 1: Click on the custom packs tab :

Step 2: Click on Import custom packs on the bottom :

Step 3:  If you downloaded Community packs, just navigate to your Downloads folder and select the pack files to import then click Select folder

Step 4: Check whether your Custom pack shows up in the list, if yes, launch the Master’s Toolkit :


4 thoughts on “How do I use Community packs ?”

  1. I downloaded the .zip and extracted it to my storage drive, but it’s not working.

    Your custom file browser isn’t seeing my rwmap files. I can browse the directory tree no problem, but it’s not seeing any of the map files, and I can’t select anything with the “Select Folder” button. I did manage to get it to find a file with no extension but it’s not letting me select that either.

    1. Maps have to be copied into the arkenforge launcher directory directly.

      The default path is as follows:

      Once extracted from the zip folder they can be copied into the above folder and they seem to show up and launch correctly.

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