How to use Community maps within the Software ?

Step 1 : Purchase community uploaded maps – click here – they are all free.

Step 2 : Open your downloads folder, and doubleclick the downloaded zip file

Step 3 : Doubleclick the folder within the Zip file to open it up

Step 4 : Look for the .rwmap file in the file list, thats the map file we need

Step 5 : Select the item and press Alt+E or right click and select “Exctract to a specified folder”

Step 6: In the browser look for your Maps folder within your Arkenforge installation. By default its C:\Arkenforge\ArkenforgeData\Maps
If you are unsure where your installation folder is, open up your launcher, click on the “Gear” icon next to the green “ONLINE” status indicator ,click on the Installation tab,  and you will be able to see/open your Data folder :

Step 7 : Click “Ok”

Step 8 : Now you can open your map within the Master’s Toolkit, in the settings :

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