Spooky New Animated Maps, Introducing LDAM

With November and October on the horizon with spooky celebrations like Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, Samhain and  Guy Fawkes day just around the corner, we can expect some dark and scary adventures popping up on  roleplaying tables around the world.

Knowing this and always on the lookout for new content creators we have a new Marketplace member, Living Dungeons And Maps, or LDAM. LDAM have provided us with some atmospheric and eerie burial grounds with animated fog with their Northmen Burial Grounds map pack.

Just a glimpse at one of LDAM’s Northmen Burial Grounds’ maps.

As interest grows in animated and video file maps for tabletop RPGs, we continue to search for creators of such content and invite them to the Arkenforge family. Keep up with our posts and we will keep you up with future additions to the Marketplace and features.

Thanks for reading,
Arkenforge Team.

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