Quick Dev update #2 – Launcher 5.0 released!

Nathan walks you through the finalized Launcher UI for the 5.0 version! It is out now so try it out yourself!

We desperately needed a clean and understandable/intuitive UI for  our toolkit and launcher. Since we have some veteran industry titans in our community we asked the help of Zalkenai and Tidal to help us out and share some of their knowledge (thank you so much for your contribution!), so with their guidance and taking the community’s feedback on board we came up with the 5.0 version of the Launcher. Brand new clean UI, absolute minimum resource usage and intuitive design.

This design will be rolled out to the entire Toolkit, module by module during this year, so it is worth checking out the Beta version from time to time! We hope you all like it, and eagerly await your opinion/further feedback 🙂

If you don’t have the Toolkit yet, try it out here: https://arkenforge.com/how-to-grab-the-free-7-day-trial/

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