GeoCity Full Starter Set – Misjay


Set of 100 City scale Geomorph tiles that can be used to quickly lay out a new settlement.

Tiles are fully rotatable & flipable.
There are 5 colour variations for a total of 500 tiles

Included tiles:

  • 25 x tiles with 2 connecting roads in all 4 sides
  • 25 x tiles with 2 connecting roads on 3 sides
  • 25 x tiles with 2 connecting roads on 2 opposite sides
  • 25 x tiles with 2 connecting roads on 2 adjacent sides

Sold By: Misjay Maps

GeoCity tile sets 1-4

500 fully rotatable Geomorph city tiles (100 unique tiles in 5 colour variations)

This starter set is the full starter set with 5 variations of every tile.
If you would prefer just the basic starter set with only 1 colour variation, you can find them in the GeoCity Starter Set – Basic

Tiles are set up to match ‘standard’ Geomorph tile configuration of 10×10 with the connecting roads in the 3rd space in from each corner. You can use them with other Geomorph city tiles if you wish, depending on if the scale matches well enough.
Scale is approximately 20 pixles = 5 feet

Different tile sets have a different number of sides with connecting roads so that you can have larger city blocks, more interesting road systems, and have an edge to your towns

Included in this pack:

Colour variations:

  • The base set plus an alternate roof colour variation to mix things up, show different districts, or for different settlements
  • A sepia toned watercolour variation for an old time or softer feel
  • A ‘spooky’ version for a darker gloomy or mysterious feel
  • A blue version for a crisp blueprint or frosty feel – this one also works best if you need to print out in greyscale on a home printer

500 individual tiles (100 x 5 of them):

All tiles are 1200×1200 pixles or 4×4 inches at 300dpi
All tiles come in the 5 colour variations

  • Set 1 = 25 tiles with 2 connecting roads on every side
  • Set 2 = 25 tiles with 2 connecting roads on 3 sides
  • Set 3 = 25 tiles with 2 connecting roads on 2 adjacent sides
  • Set 4 = 25 tiles with 2 connecting roads on the 2 opposite sides

Every tile is fully rotatable, though a map layout does look better if the road-edges line up with another road-edge

Each set includes tiles that are more ‘generic’: These can be used several times in a larger layout without being too obvious as repeats, especially if each instance is rotated differently.

Each set also includes ‘unique location’ tiles: eg. larger buildings or compounds, parks, temples, markets and other interesting features. These can be used as ‘focus tiles’ to make each new settlement you create have something unique going on so that it can stand out as different.

Keep an eye out for more tile sets to add to the collection in the future 🙂


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