Elven Tree Village 2ds


Sold By: 2D Storyteller

The content pack cannot be used without the Master’s Toolkit Software!

Author: 2D Storyteller
Style: Sci-Fi
License: Strictly Personal license, all rights reserved

Ethereal homes of woven branches and luminous leaves cling to the ancient oaks, connected by delicate walkways. Laughter spills from a balcony fashioned from a hollowed-out log, but the approaching glint of armor on the far side of the village sends a shiver down your spine.

Create your own Elven tree village battlemaps with static and animated assets. Have your fight it out amongst the ancient trees of the elves, or are your party of dwarves finding themselves trespassing on sacred ground? . Whether its DND or your favorite fantasy ttrpg, Take a break from the dungeon and get lost in an elven tree village
  • Create your tree village  Customizable battle maps with animated features
  • Day or Night All assets are available in day and night lighting.
  • A wide range of tools Animated tokens, map features and static art, bring the forests of the old world to life.
  • premade base map, combined it with modular elements to create exciting encounters!


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