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A little frontier fort on the edge of the wild lands

Explore a small settlement and the surrounding area

  • Includes a sketchy mud-map version and location ‘game cards’ to add to your game-paly, exploration of the area and record keeping
  • Plus a mega-zoomed in battlemap scale version for those of you crazy enough to want to use Fort Eelry at battlemap scale (72 pix per square)
  • And a few other things …

Sold By: Misjay Maps

Fort Eelry

A little frontier fort on the edge of the wild lands

In this settlement map you will find several layers of history: An older ruined settlement near the church, even older ruins of the original fort on the hilltop in the SE, and the more recently ruined (still partially occupied) Old Crossing Fort on the river bridge.
There is also evidence of recent population growth: eg: The Newcomers Orchard up near the old fort – can you spot the small cleared area waiting for a new planting of trees?
Then there are caves: Because we need a few of those right? 2 are at river level, 4 are near The Circle and 1 up the hill leads under the ruined fort.
And, just for the Aussies out there: the Laundry has 3 Hills Hoists πŸ™‚

Included files:

Poster map size: 7500β€ŠΓ—β€Š10500 pixles (25×35 inches @300dpi)
Frame-less map size: 6900β€ŠΓ—β€Š9900 pixles (23×33 inches @300dpi = about A1)
Map area is about: 541 x 778 yards Β or Β 495 x 711 meters

  • Poster version, with and without the title & location information
  • Clean frame-less edge-to-edge colour version
  • Sketchy mud-map version of the area to use as a handout or player map (3000 x 4200 px)
  • Title & Key plate assets with and without text
  • Location number buttons with numbers 1 – 30 plus a clean one

Location ‘playing Cards’

  • 20 labeled cards (22 locations – 2 cards have 2 close locations on them)
  • 28 Clean cards without text & compass so you can add your own location names to the card or use them independently (includes extra locations not on the map key)
  • 1 blank card template with transparent cutout to make your own cards with
  • 1 Compass token asset

Mega zoomed in vtt-Battlemap-scale version

  • Map is cut into 14 tiles
  • Total map size when assembled = 325 x 467 squares @ 72 pixles per square where a square is about 5 feet.
  • Visual image quality is ‘not great’ as this is nearly a 400% upscale, but it is not too bad and will definitely do the job if you don’t mind a bit of fudginess
  • Could also be used as a trace/inspiration layer to build a better looking battlemap on top of


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