A mini being moved on a digital table

Mini Detection – A work in progress

Hey folks! Here at Arkenforge we’re dedicated to providing the best in-person tabletop experience possible. There’s one feature we’ve been talking about for the last couple of years that we’re happy to say we have working internally: physical mini detection!

That’s right, the Toolkit will be able to detect your physical minis on your table! Our first version of this that we’re testing internally is a simple fog of war reveal. This will let your physical minis have vision of the map in the Toolkit itself. In the future you’ll be able to track each individual mini and assign player characters to each.

Needless to say we see this as a game changer for in-person play. Our mini detection features allow for the ultimate fusion of digital tools with live gameplay. No longer will your GM have to try to reveal fog of war that matches what your characters can see, or move digital tokens to match your physical minis. Now it’s as simple as putting your mini on the table, and letting us take care of the rest. Solutions in the past have required custom bases for minis, or complex camera setups. We’re doing away with all of that. All you’ll need is a touch screen.

See it in action here:

Digital tools at the table shouldn’t be a cumbersome experience to use. They definitely shouldn’t take time away from playing the game. Our goals have always been to provide the most seamless experience for game masters and the most immersive experience for players. As the premier platform for face to face gaming, physical mini detection is just one of the ways we plan on making this happen.

Catch you in the next update! 🙂


Grab a 28 day free trial of the Master’s Toolkit at https://arkenforge.co/trial 

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