Moving forward in the v0.2 series

Hey there folks!
Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at Supanova! We had a lot of fun showing off the future of tabletop gaming 🙂
Going forward from here, we’ve reworked our roadmap a bit based on the most requested features from you, as well as the things that we think are more important to prioritise.
First of all, our #1 priority is getting the Launcher to v2.0. The vast majority of issues we’re getting are from issues with installation or launcher crashes, especially on Mac. As the launcher is the first experience that everyone has with our software, it’s super important that it’s a smooth experience.
After the launcher comes the Pack Creator. We’ve been promising it for a while now, and we feel like the sooner we can get it to you all, the better. We want you to be able to use the toolkit to its maximum potential, and being able to bring any content you want is the best step forward for that.
And finally, once the pack creator is done, we’re back on the Toolkit roadmap! We’ve put the new roadmap for our 0.2 series below. This is the final feature set that we’ve decided on to get the Cartographer ‘beta-ready’, but we’ll be revisiting the cartographer and adding features as we go to 0.3 and beyond!
Thanks to all of you for submitting your feature requests and bug reports. The software is already so much more than we imagined because of you all, so keep them coming! 🙂
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