First Marketplace Release – Maphammer!

It lives!

The Arkenforge Content Marketplace has been long in the works and we are excited to say that we will be officially opening it up to everyone with our next update.
The Marketplace is going to be a go to place for folks to share their favourite content they’ve created with the Masters Toolkit on a company curated platform and a place where map making partners can share their wonderful creations to those that want different styles of content.

We are beyond ecstatic to announce our first partner for the Marketplace is MapHammer!
MapHammer is a passionate and independent creator for encounter maps with honestly astounding detail.
Specifically designed for miniature play, we believe the MapHammer content to be perfect for the Masters Toolkit and can enhance anyone’s tabletop roleplaying experience.

You can see a tumblr gallery of encounter maps MapHammer has created for his growing community here.

But if you like his work and want to see more you can visit the MapHammer Patreon here!

As we expand the Marketplace and iron out the kinks, expect to see more content from different users and their unique styles become available to everyone.

Thanks for reading,

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