Migw20 with Arcanacon and Arkenforge

Join us for a free day of online roleplaying tomorrow! Play the big name games you already love like #DnD and #CallofCthulhu alongside a swag of Australian indie games you are about to love. arcanacon.org/migw/

The MIGW20 at the Table event is organized by Arcanacon in partnership with The Quest Suppliers and Arkenforge! There are 10 featured Role Playing Games and 9 Board Games you can play! How can you play you might ask ?

You can read a comprehensive list and schedule of the games we offer on the arcanacon website:

Role Playing Games : https://www.arcanacon.org/game-descriptions-and-schedule/

Board Games : https://www.arcanacon.org/board-games/

Book a game at https://www.arcanacon.org/bookings/ this is not mandatory, but booked seats are priority, and a confirmed bookings have a guaranteed seat at a “table”

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