Cyberpunk pack is now available!

The Cyberpunk pack is now out in Early access!


This bespoke asset-pack is filled with everything you need to create your megacity. From the streets to the penthouses, we’re providing you with the ultimate collection of assets.

We will be letting this pack settle for a few weeks before we start our weekly updates with the following themes:

  • Asphalt Jungle
  • The Heist
  • Transporter
  • Railway Express
  • Construction
  • Medical attention
  • Terminate
  • Sky High
  • Nine to Five

We’re discounting the pack to US$25 for the first week of release, as well as providing a full bundle with the Toolkit and all current sci-fi content for US$50.

Grab the new pack here:

And the bundle here:

Don’t forget to join our Discord for community and staff support, show off your maps, and talk games!

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