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Visit Uvekskoe at the height of it’s glory as a trading outpost.
Then visit again, centuries later after the climate changes, the desert rolls in and most of the place is in ruins.
Or go the other way through time into the past.

Sketchy mud-map and Location cards included to enhance game play and exploration options …. just because there is a ‘pretty’ map does not mean your players get to see it right away πŸ˜‰

Night versions also include
As well as mega-zoomed in versions that, though a bit fudgy due to the 400% upscale, can be used as a basic battlemap (72dpi per square). Or they could be used as a guide to build a more detailed battlemap on top, with building interiors etc


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Uvekskoe & Murphy’s Outpost

A Fantasy Settlement Map in 2 Eras


In times past,Β The nearby port city changed leadership and made new laws that did not allow traveling traders to stay within, or near, the bounds of the city overnight. Bandits took advantage of the displaced travelers, leading to a reduction in new trade to the region. Only very well guarded caravans could afford to make the trip.

This lasted until the 7th son of the city’s Merchant-Lord needed a project to prove his worth and get him out from under the command of his elder brothers. He built a Travelers inn where traders could stay safely overnight, just north of the current Uvekskoe Trading Post.

Over the years, as trade increased once more, a walled support village began to grow on the other side of the road. Eventually, The fort and walled trading post compound was built by the new Traders Collective and the original travelers inn crumbled into ruin. Traders no longer bothered to spend their days in the city, instead, hiring space at Uvekskow where city merchants could visit them. Eventually, the 7th Son’s Inn was mostly forgotten and he was remembered only as the ‘Protector of Traveling Traders’

In the little walled village near the fort, trader families settled. As generation followed generation, the village became more than a place to live, with family members specializing in the growing of rare herbs and spices. The most wondrous of these was the spice from the bark of the sandlewood tree.

More time passed.Β The centuries rolled around. Wars came and went. Countries fell and rose and fell again… and the desert encroached upon the settled lands.

Now, what was Fort Uvekskoe is occupied by a desert hunters guild lead by the fearsome Murphy, while treasure seekers delve in the ‘glitter ruins’ that were once a center of trade and wealth, desperately digging for forgotten glories. In the run down ruins of what was once the village of Sannois, a few hermits and loners eek out a living caring for and harvesting the bark of the surviving Sandlewood trees. Murphy’s Hunters trade water, food and protection with them for a cut of the harvest profits.

Will you visitΒ and delve for treasure in the ruins? Or seek out Hermit Mathmi to hear the stories of ancient times that they are the keeper of?
Will you discover the secret of the Time-portal hidden among the dunes that might, if used correctly, take you back to greener times when Uvekskoe was in full bloom?



Map variations provided for each era:

  • Poster map size: 5400β€ŠΓ—β€Š7500 pixles (18×25 inches @300dpi)
  • Frame-less map size: 4800β€ŠΓ—β€Š6900 pixles (16×23 inches @300dpi = About A2)
  • Poster version with and without the title & location information
  • Frame-less colour, Day & Night versions
  • A ‘sketchy’ mud-map version

PLUS Title & Key plate assets for both eras

  • 2 x Title plates. With and without text
  • 2 x Key plates. With and without text

PLUS Location Cards for both eras

  • Labeled Cards: 1st Era = 14 / 2nd Era = 8
  • Clean cards without text & compass (includes extra locations not on key) 1st Era = 20 / 2nd Era = 14
  • 2 x blank card templates with transparent cutout to make your own location cards with
  • Compass token – 3 variations

PLUS a mega zoomed in vtt-Battlemap-scale version of each era

  • Each map is cut into 16 tiles to keep the file size down
  • Visual image quality is ‘not great’ as this is 400% upscale, but it is not too bad and will definitely do the job if you don’t mind a bit of fudginess
  • Total assembled map size is 266 x 383 squares @ 72dpi


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