Encounter Map Pack 2 HDC


The content pack cannot be used without the Master’s Toolkit Software!
Author: Haigo Dungeoncrafts
DPI/PPI: 256 (Pixel per inch)
Map resolutions: 3072×4096, 4096×3072, 4096×2048, 4096×4096
License: Strictly personal use only, all rights reserved to Lloyd Haines.

Haigo Dungeoncrafts Second Map Pack is an astounding collection of 4K resolution maps, from buried pyramids, to frozen cliffs, to poisonous swamps & more!

Each map comes in three forms; Without Grid, Hex Grid, & Square Grid.

See Below for more details!

Map Names/Features

● Buried Pyramid Entrance – The open space of this deserts edge map provides a great opening for a tomb adventure. Size – 40 x 30 tiles.

● Fey Fountain Forest Clearing – What drew you to this clearing, deep within the woods? Strange plants and statues stand, immaculate and sparkling around a fountain filled with life. Size – 40 x 30 tiles.

● Foggy Dungeon – What manner of people once called this place home? What causes this thick fog, what is the purpose of the three statues? Answer these questions for an intriguing dungeon mystery map. Size – 40 x 30 tiles.

● Forest Ravine Road – A well-travelled road, cobbled for ease deep within the forest. Bright flowers and signs of life cover the cliffsides, but who knows what lurks among the trees. Size – 40 x 30 tiles.

● Frozen Cliff Road – In the frozen regions of the land, it is common to see the sea, silent and still, thick swathes of ice layering its surface. Travelling atop the cliffs one can see plumes of snow and frozen ships, abandoned until the springtime thaw. This map comes in two forms, Daytime, and Night-time. Size – 30 x 40 tiles.

● Hidden Desert Cove – How did a ship end up covered by desert sands? Who owned the camp, now torn and broken? Where does the cove beneath the rocks lead? Size – 30 x 40 tiles.

● Poison Swamp Ruins – What primitive creatures have claimed this as home? What tentacled monster thrives in the toxic waters of the murky green lake? Why would the adventurers have come to a place, so filled with toxins that poison fills the air? Size – 40 x 30 tiles.

● Vampire Hunter Home – A regal home, stately in design. Filled with holy texts and weapons of strange design. What type of person would live in such a place? And what could they possibly need such weapons for? Size – 40 x 30 tiles.

● Vampire Hunter Home (Frozen Mystery) – Who is the man, frozen in the study? What is the nature of the orb, exuding the aura that caused this man’s fate? Size – 40 x 30 tiles.

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