Dwarven Stronghold 2ds


Sold By: 2D Storyteller

The content pack cannot be used without the Master’s Toolkit Software!
Author: 2D Storyteller
Style: Sci-Fi
License: Strictly Personal license, all rights reserved

A whole library of battle mapping assets in one pack, use animated and static art to build your very own mountain style battle maps and magical dwarven encounters!

  • Create Customizable animated battle maps that bring your scenes to life right before your players eyes!
  • Base maps collection for you to use and combine with modular assets to inspire your own scenes in the fantasy mountains.
  • Eight base battle maps to customise with modular map features, bot static and animated
  • A wide range of tools Animated tokens, map features and static art,  bring it all to life!
  • Interactive battle maps with elements that change the map on the GMs command.


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