Masters Toolkit

Our one stop shop for the use of virtual supplements to your adventure!
The Masters Toolkit is our primary platform for launching all Software in the future and is split into five major sections, or modules, that all work together to make your tabletop experience not only immersive but reliably unbroken by tinkering with our system mid game if need be.

The First of our modules, the Cartographer is our battle-map creator and builder for those sticky situations that your players will inevitably get themselves into. It is set up with a pre-existing grid for quick snapping tiles and contains a free hand palette tool for complete artistic freedom.
Standout features of the Cartographer:

  • All tiles and objects are digitally painted by one of our lovely artists on the team, Edina.
  • All tiles are capable of snapping to the grid for easy placement or manual for creative freedom
  • Map size is only dictated by device performance with minimal use of resources to accommodate for bare bone systems
  • Free hand palette tool if your inner artist takes you
  • Maps are printable to A4 sheets or can be exported to image files or PDF
  • Developed with a lighting and hue engine with realistic shadows
  • Weather effects and cloud shadows
  • Animated elements such as fire and running water

Most of you will have noticed that a lot of these features are not static and are constantly changing making it unsuitable for printed out sheets. The more dynamic features are present for the use of the program on some of our Hardware, most specifically our Atlas Digital where the focus is to be using the Cartographer during game play, for more information on the Hardware scroll down.

Our second module for the Software, our Soundscape is where we place all of the immersion building, sound based functions of the Masters Toolkit. This includes music, ambient sounds and special effects all geared and made to function with as little effort as possible for the user.
Standout  features of the Soundscape:

  • All completely original works by Dante’ and guest artists
  • All songs can be customised by independently controlling the volume of each instrument
  • Ambient sounds and tones to generate atmosphere
  • Programmable ambiance to keep it varied enough to not get in the way of gameplay
  • Special Effects sounds for when you really want to hit something with a sword
  • All music, ambiance and special effect sounds are designed and placed within environmental, location and mood categories for ease of access
  • Soundscape can be easily accessed from any part of the Software for quick changes whilst in play
  • Custom playlists can be made to create your own categories, unique to your story
  • Sounds can be linked to objects in the Cartographer

Friends and Foes (in development)
The third module of the Master’s Toolkit is an appendix of go to monsters and NPC’s for your adventure.
Standout features of Friends and Foes:

  • Content specific to roleplaying systems
  • Randomly generated NPC’s can be saved here
  • all entries can be edited if needed

The Marketplace (in development)

Fourth Module is similar to Friends and Foes but it’s entirely for created items and notes associated to them.
Standout features for the Vault

  • items created can be saved here
  • all entries can be edited if need be
  • in game vendors can be set up with customized wares and prices
  • prices can be fixed and bought by players, but can be set to “bargainable-” or only obtainable in game





Scenario (in development)

The fifth and final module is where it all comes together as an in game supplement to your adventure. Here you can access the Vault and Friends and Foes modules to utilise their content on the fly and to minimise game play interruptions. It is also here that you can track and change the current situation using the Software to help you manage the situation in front of you and your players.

The Scenario is built on plug-ins making it completely customisable as to how you want to view your scenario, but at launch we are providing six plug-ins to make the most of the rest of the Software. All plug-ins are separate windows within the Scenario module that can be moved by clicking and dragging, increasing in size or however the user desire to arrange them. New plug-ins will be added to the Software over time and what ones we add are entirely open to suggestion from the community so feel free to contact us now or in the near future!

Provided plug-ins at launch and their features:

Map –
Displaying the prepared Cartographer maps, the Map plug-in provides a view of the map created along side the Cartographer features. You can see any interactive objects placed, click on them and edit them as needed. You can place and edit bubbles or notes just for the GM or display them for the players to see. You can also control line of sight and lighting as the players generate and/or extinguish light sources.

Switching between layers on any given map that has multiple layers is possible, as well as using our portal system, clicking on the portal to change the map completely. Or even if the map is considerably large you can scroll to show your players specific areas of interest or note.

This plug-in is particularly helpful if used in conjunction with our Atlas Digital Hardware that allows us use the most of the Software’s features. Though it will work fine any other secondary screen
Battle Tracker –
You can drag and drop player, or non-player info into this plug-in to keep track of character health, turn order, conditions or whatever else you may think important for any system.

This plug-in will be very important for our Players Toolkit Software and will allow players and masters interact through this plug-in managing the resources so all can see

Quick NPC’s –
Randomly generate Non Player Characters quickly by selecting from a number of options relevant to the system being utilised such as name, race, class, and’or level and instantly adding them to the turn order if needed.

Quick Reference –
Search this plug-in for any information relevant to the system being used as dictated by any open license agreements from the desired system. For example; spell descriptions, conditions, rules and so on.

Soundscape –
Easy access to the Soundscape music/ambiance/ effects module of the Masters Toolkit. You can load any customised playlists or use one of our prepared ones based off location, situation or mood.

Notes –
Allows the DM or GM to keep track of the adventure as it unfolds

Character Cards –
Clicking on creatures or NPC’s in the Battle Tracker will bring up any associated information to it within the Friends and Foes module if it has an entry. Includes images, stats, abilities and lore.

Players Toolkit (in development)

As most of our focus has been on the Game Master’s side of things, we also want the Software to be capable of interacting with players.
Thus we are making the Players Toolkit, designed for players to use their own devices to interact with the Scenario module of the Masters Toolkit and with each other, all at the behest of the Game Master.

Their plug-ins will include:

Whispers – Made for players to send each other messages privately or at the scrutiny of the Game Master
Loot – Displays loot and lets character roll for loot if desired. Again the Game Master can take control if needed and divvy out loot through this plug-in to characters independently.
XP – Calculates experience points (XP) or whatever resource needed for leveling in the desired system, can be done based off a pool method, automatically via percentages or manually.