Vault of the living flame

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“The world exists far beyond the borders of Aurelia and into a vast unknow… One must simply summon the courage to step beyond what is familiar.” 

– Juniper Longstride

An adventure written by Ben Byrne of Melbourne Dungeon Master

Dnd 5e adventure for level 2-5 characters.

In partnership with Arkenforge

The Winter Ranges are a vast and treacherous place where exploration through the mountains is impeded by frozen cliffs, glacial valleys, black forests, and the merciless cold. Yet as hostile as the natural environment is, the Winter Ranges are also a place ripe with discoveries for those brave enough to seek them out!

Juniper Longstride is a famous explorer who has hired a group of adventurers to escort her on such a quest into the Winter Ranges. She is look for the treasure vault of Velkünd Fireblood, an ancient giant who hoarded treasures stolen from distant realms. Tales speak that Velkünd’s wealth was locked away after he died and is still waiting to this very day to be discovered again.

One epic adventure spanning over 20-24 hours of game time, or more depending on how deeply your party wish to explore!
An epic story steeped in legends and mythology, where players will slowly gather clues that help them unravel the truth behind the ancient folktales of Aurelia.
Lore and background for Aurelia, a brand-new fantasy world for running games of 5th edition.
A collection of over 10 stat blocks for brand new terrifying monsters and epic NPCs.
A detailed region map of the Winter Ranges, as well as highly detailed full colour battle maps to help visualise your adventure.

Remember, the world of Aurelia is often shrouded in mystery. Terrifying truths have a tendency to hide in the echoes of ancient myths.

Sold By: Melbourne DM Publishing

Vault of the living flame


“I’ll tell you a story, of lands long forgotten,

Where giants once roamed, they

Were tall as the mountains”

In the freezing cold of the Winter Ranges, lie the ancient halls built by the mighty Jöthnar. There, the bones and the mysteries of their civilization are left behind. Many secrets are still buried deep beneath the snow of the mountains, waiting for explorers capable of uncovering them.

Recommended age


Not child friendly

Trigger warning

Themes included that people might find disturbing:

  • Starvation
  • Raided and corpse littered villages
  • Race based discrimination (Titans hating other races)


Approximately 5-6 sessions (with an average session length of 4 hours)


Nordic, Viking-type setting

Dark mood, serious tone


Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, for level 2 characters.

The adventure takes level 2 characters to approximately level 5.

The adventure contains:

Vault of the Living flame adventure PDF version

Vault of the living flame native Arkenforge format -downloadable through your launcher after purchase (and release)


Custom art:

  • 30 digital tokens
  • 6 large multi-leveled encounter maps
  • 1 Interactive regional map with content links
  • Animated map elements
  • Music playlists for adventure & Battle
  • Map embedded soundscapes
  • Voiced character lines

Ready to play out of the “box”

  • Interlinked NPC character sheets, just click on the token
  • All adventure notes organized in a journal format, with wiki style links
  • Regional maps, encounter maps and embedded notes and soundscapes are all prepared

Encounter maps included in the adventure:



1 review for Vault of the living flame

  1. Garrett McFarland (verified owner)

    BUY THIS!!! if you want a simple and elegant example of how to setup a campaign for Arkenforge this is it. I was hesitant to buy this because it is $25.00 USD but this is worth everything I paid and more. This will give you 9 locations your players will be able to get a map that has sound effects music, and there are tokens that you can use in the campaign so it is not a problem of finding tokens, and such. I bought this and I love it. There is only 1 minor complaint with it and that is really that the region map is hard to see the font when looking at the names of links and such. That is a tiny complaint in comparison to what you get. This gives you a playable mini campaign or full campaign if you decide to build more later. this is a great purchase for anyone, and I believe if every campaign module is this good I will buy them all just for the quality of what is given including the notes which is a huge help! You can buy this and be playing it the same night if you want. This also helps if you bought the Ice and Snow pack to have assets if you make this world a campaign for players. Melbourne DM Publishing you knocked this one out of the park, and I appreciate the quality of notes, content, and tokens that are brought to the table with this.

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