This community map has been submitted by wolfywere475! Thank you so much!

Download the Map file (.rwmap) clicking  here!

Try out the toolkit for free here!

This map uses assets from :

Essentials by Arkenforge

Scroll down instructions on how to import it!

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How to use it?

Step 1. : Download the map clicking on the link above.
Step 2. : Right click on the downloaded file, select copy
Step 3. : Open your launcher
Step 4. : Click on Settings in the main menu

Step 5. : Click on Installation

Step 6. : Click on Open folder within the Installation settings

Step 7. : Open the Maps folder

Step 8. : Right click and paste the downloaded file into the Maps folder.

Step 9. : Launch the toolkit, and it will be listed under your maps 🙂

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