The Planet Hoppers – Free Hopper Starter Bundle!


Sold By: The Planet Hoppers

Ahoy Hoppers! Get ready for Liftoff, as we bring you a huge collection of assets to create and pad out the Hopper spacestation, or the rocky planet it’s currently orbiting! This massive pack includes 347 themed assets, 57 modular tiles and 29 tokens, and a Dungeon Draft pack including (but far from limited to!):

  • Computer consoles
  • Furniture for living quarters, bathrooms, kitchens, cargo bays, leisure areas, engineering
  • Ship debris
  • Storage crates and barrels
  • Rocky Planet cacti, rock, & shipwreck assets
  • Modular tiles for creating your own layout for the Hopper station
  • Modular tiles for creating your own rocky planet overlays
  • 9 Tokens for the Hopper crew
  • 14 Alien and Robotic tokens
  • 6 Tokens for dogs and cats – the most important members of the crew

And much, much more!

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