Starship Battles 2ds


Sold By: 2D Storyteller

The content pack cannot be used without the Master’s Toolkit Software!

Author: 2D Storyteller
Style: Sci-Fi
License: Strictly Personal license, all rights reserved

Starship Battles gives you everything to get started creating battles in space, with multiple types of fighters, gunships, frigates and capital ships, along with the perfect locations to find them in. Use animated tokens, highly detailed battle maps and immersive soundscapes to craft a memorable battle in the depths of space, a Starship Battle!

Pack Contains:

  • Dynamic Play set Soundscapes, maps and tokens all together in one pack and designed to work together.
  • Cinematic assets Animated and static tokens to create memorable battles in space
  • High quality battle maps A range of space locations to draw from for encounters, or simply act as a dramatic backdrop for your battles



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