Minor Pack Bundle


All our minor content packs in one convenient bundle!

Underwater Pack

Magical Effects

Original Arkenforge content pack for your magic loving use, focusing on force-fields, sprites and looping magical effects.

Halloween pack

The theme of the pack is spooky graveyards and mausoleums.

Ice and Snow

The theme of the pack is Christmas. We wanted to create a pack which would give you assets for a Snowy Christmas themed adventure!

Animated Trees

An all-in-one tree pack for all your animated tree needs. Contains both static and animated assets.

Features the following animated assets:

  • Acacia x5
  • Banana Tree x6
  • Beech x2
  • Big Palm x1
  • Birch x 3
  • Double Palm x1
  • Dry x 2
  • Fir x 4
  • Jungle x 1
  • Jungle Bush x3
  • Juniper x2
  • Maple x2
  • Oak x2
  • Palm x5
  • Pine x5
  • Small x5
  • Small palm x4
  • Spruce x2
  • Sycamore x1
  • Tall x4
  • Tropical Plant


Sold By: Arkenforge


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