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Looking to add some extra flavour and detail to your world? Look no longer!

This pack contains Encyclopedia entries for pretty much anything you’ll find in a kitchen. Notes include names, descriptions and images.

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1 review for Kitchen Lists LL

  1. Garrett McFarland (verified owner)

    I bought this so you would know what is in the list o’ lists, and if you think it is worth your money. I wanted to see if it did anything particularly special for lists, or gives me inspiration to how to create lists better in Arkenforge. I feel like it could be useful to some people, but overall is not reinventing the wheel. I see a good amount of work done making the lists. It is nice to have a list of items with images for the kitchen specifically; It is also nice that it tells you what the item does. an example of this is a “Knork – A fork-knife hybrid. Has a wide, rounded, bevelled, non-serrated outer edge that safely cuts food.” I would never know that existed, but it could be fun to give players that and they sell it for maybe a few more copper than a typical fork. in some towns tea is drank a lot so players are given a “Tea fork” I won’t spoil more content in the lists, but that is in there and could be used to give a town, city, or NPC more character.

    The list o’ lists has 9 main categories for the kitchen and 236 items with images and a description of what it does and some say what it looks like. That is a lot of stuff. The list is broken down by appliances(24 items), bowls(9 items), drinking(28 items), forks(31 items), knives(18 items), plates(11 items), pots and pans(15 items), spoons(46 items), and utensils(54 items). I feel like if you are planning to make a session or a game really use cooking or be in a kitchen or tavern a lot then this could be useful of buying or selling items and knowing what they do. This list is probably one out of multiple lists they are possibly trying to create. Use the list to spice up the typical description of what an NPC uses to eat the food, or drink their wine, or even how they eat or cook the food. The list can help give depth to how poor a person is of what kind of forks, spoons, bowls, or utensils they use, or how rich a person is, or even what is out of place when you describe them drinking from Gold chalices, and using Golden salt spoons, and silver soup spoons a metal marrow spoons, silver dessert spoons, but there is a wooden spoon laying out in the open by an NPC using a metal fork to eat his dessert.

    I like that they do the work to organize the list, and there are the images. I do not feel like it is worth $5.00 USD overall to me. I spend more time organizing my list and designing them to be rolled on a random table or to be used with a random number generator. For me the list is not as useful to just throw random objects in, but I am the type of DM who does not plan much besides the layout of a town, and I use a random table on the history and names of the town as well. If you are the type of DM who plans things meticulously you may really enjoy it for just $5.00 USD.

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