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This Content Pack cannot be used without the Master’s Toolkit Software.


Author: GalefireRPG

License: Strictly Personal License only, all rights reserved to the author.

DPI/PPI: 256 (pixels per inch)

The Cursed Kingdom expands to the Twisted Forest… it contains eighteen dark fantasy beasts for your heroes to battle in your isometric (or popular virtual tabletop systems) or sideview game (such as RPGmaker MV)!

Check out the whole Cursed Kingdoms set here:

Set includes: Ironfur Direwolf, Ironfur Embertail, Galefire Extractor, Ironfur Beast, Ironfur Direbear, Lich Lord, Maw, Marsh Lurker (and submerged), Fungoid Armature, Myconid Zombie, Obsidian Undead Dragon, Osidian Marauder, Ravener, Swarm Bloodsucker, Swarm Trencher, Terrormaw Spider, Terrormaw Queen, Thresher Tree (or name them whatever you want!)

Also includes the hero token: The Legendary Captain Slayde

All ready to deploy in Master’s Toolkit!  MV-scaled assets included, alongside original size.

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