The Atlas

Arkenforge Hardware shares the same views of the Software in that it is designed to be modular to reach the needs and expectations of tabletop roleplayers everywhere. From that mindset and the desire to create a platform for the everyday roleplayer and that of our Software, the Atlas was born. The Atlas is what will both literally and metaphorically “hold up” your world as you build, craft and tell its story to and with your players, built to be placed upon your desired table and ultimately augment your experience.

Crafted by hand in Melbourne, Australia, the Atlas comes in three different base forms with extensions on top of that to truly give you what it is you need. Each form of the Atlas provides different advantages in conjunction with the Software and thus the experience of each table will vary alongside the Software depending on what purpose the particular Atlas serves.

Atlas Classic
The first in the bloodline of Atlas products, the Atlas Classic was designed for portability and ease of use.
Essentially a frame for your tabletop maps, has a perspex screen that can be removed to place down your printout maps in the center of the frame and then put back to ensure that your maps do no not move.  Light and easy to use, the Atlas Classic is perfect for your weekly tabletop nights at any location without any power needed, old school styles.



The original Atlas, what the Atlas makes up for in being a tiny bit more unwieldy than the classic, it makes up for in bazazz!
Atlas uses the same raised place upon your table of choice and perspex system as the Classic but has a built in lighting system underneath with a wireless remote to control the colour of light emitting through your printed maps helping convey certain lighting themes, such as sunset or night time. The Atlas also sits upon a spacious storage compartment, lifting the play area up and lighting it from beneath, this lets you turn the lights off for an intimate play experience whilst still being capable of looking at the play space in front of you and upon the Atlas.

Built in to the table itself are four USB chargers for the modern age tabletop roleplayers who may be using other devices for their immersive experience.
These chargers, the mood lighting, extra storage, raised play area, printable map compatibility and still reasonably light weight helps us keep the past times of tabletop roleplaying with miniatures and grided maps in the present with added technology and ease of use.

Atlas Digital (in research for touchscreen implementation, reducing weight)

The ultimate Arkenforge experience is presented to you here with the Atlas Digital, taking full advantage of the technology available and the Arkenforge Software, the Atlas Digital is how modern face to face tabletop roleplaying should be done. Similar to the Atlas, the Atlas Digital will have a raised place upon your table of choice and will be lit from beneath to allow for the dimly lit experience, with one added feature. Instead of the perspex sheet of the other Atlas’ the Atlas Digital has an inbuilt screen in which you can use the Masters Toolkit directly to make full use of the Cartographer and Scenario modules.

Miniatures can still be used on the screen on the grid maps, or you can use tokens or other images within the Software itself, whatever you choose to generate would be done so via a computer or laptop device you have at hand, plugged into the table via HDMI cable.
A lot of features within the Software has been created with the Atlas Digital in mind, that being said neither are need for the other to function, but it is advised to get the maximum possible experience out of each.

The Host
The Host is a table designed to bear the weight of the Atlas products and to have a place for them to be packed away once they are no longer necessary. The Host appears as your standard table and fulfills such a function, but within it you can store your Atlas, turning your hobby or passion into a part of your home life. Size of the table may vary depending on what Atlas product you plan to use with it.

The Vault
The Vault is a  storage compartment hand built by Geri our tinkerer here in Melbourne, built to house all those cumbersome rulebooks, dice, miniatures, maps, files, notes, folders, props, treasure, unruly players and anything else that might clutter up the game area. The Atlas comes with a Vault and uses it to place itself on the table, being an essential part of the product, but more Vaults can be added for extra storage space.

Atlas and Atlas Classic frame: 65 x 103 cm
Atlas and Atlas Classic play area: 50.8 x 88.9 cm (20 x 35 inch grid)
Atlas Digital measurements: can vary with supplier, will be generally larger
The Vault: 30cm X 68cm X 13cm high

The Atlas is a little heavier than that of the Classic and as such it is ill advised to use anything that would be considered weak or unstable.
The Atlas Digital is quite a bit heavier, containing a screen inside of it, would be ill advised to use anything other than your standard dining room table.