Campaign Management

Encyclopedia Module

Encyclopedia is a note taking module where you can make entries for literally anything for your games. Depending on the purpose of your notes, you can add functional elements to them, for example for characters you can add stat-fields, health indicators, tokens or for a location you can link a map, attach an image or video.



The Encyclopedia offers  :


  • A comprehensive content linking system with Wikipedia-like hyperlinks

  • Customizable text with no manual tagging needed

  • Custom field creation and media attachments

  • Drag and drop any content into the fields to link them to notes:

    • Trigger soundscapes

    • Open other maps

    • Open any character notes and drag their token onto maps

    • Start or stop playlists

    • Open other notes

  • Once you completed a note, you can save the format as a preset for quick note creation

  • Quick import options for any media

  • Drag and drop media from your operating system (Windows only)

  • Animated token support

  • Customizable colors on all note elements to create a unique look

  • Any content created with the toolkit can be published and sold on our independent marketplace



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