How to enable dual-screen use ?

Step 1: Connect your secondary display to your laptop/computer and power it on, changing it to the appropriate channel.

Step 2: Right click on your dektop and select “Display settings”

Step 3: Select your secondary display, then choose “Extend the desktop to this display” option from the Multiple Displays menu

Step 4: Launch the Master’s Toolkit from the Launcher

Step 5: In the Main Menu, click “Settings”, a menu will open, select the Display tab, and click on “Activate Player Screen”. Optionally you can measure your screen and fill out the Width and Height sections to ensure exact 1 inch projection.


Step 6: Open up any maps in Scenario, and you are ready to play

12 thoughts on “How to enable dual-screen use ?”

  1. matthewculver1994

    Whenever I have an external screen, and I click the Masters Toolkit from the Arkenforge Launcher, it automatically opens in my external screen and when I click secondary screen activate it uses my personal computer as the secondary screen for the players. Im on a Macbook and I have it set up for two screen arrangement.

    1. That’s an annoying problem!

      it sounds like it’s considering your personal screen as Screen #2. is there any way you can reorder your screens in the Mac Display settings?

    2. king1225vic

      I Matthew, just had the same problem. I fixed it simply by manually dragging the Master toolkit window from the secondary desktop (that was displaying on the TV screen) to my computer desktop before clicking on «activate player screen» in the dashboard.

      Hope this helps !

  2. Childofrock

    Is there a toggle for activating/deactivating the second screen? I’d love to be able to remove the current map more efficiently for those times that a map isn’t required and roleplay takes over for a bit.

  3. Currently using Arkenforge on my Macbook, when using the masters toolkit while I attempt to activate the second display, it crashes. Had no problems on my pc, but would like to manage it Via my laptop at the table… Is there any thing I may not be doing right? I am pretty sure I am following the above steps, but maybe I’m doing something wrong…
    The second display is being Airplayed from my roku streaming device. And it says it recognizes the device, I tried restarting it, and the launcher. Also tried not entering exact dimensions of my table, and I tried with them. Please help!

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