How do I import songs to Soundscapes ?

You will need to use the  Pack creator to do so, which you can access via the main menu of the Arkenforge Launcher. Please keep in mind that the Pack creator only supports .ogg or .wav files to import, so mp3/flac files need to be converted. You can use a free converter like this (Thank you Leigh Pierce for suggesting it!).

You can check out this Tutorial video how to do this by clicking here!

If you would like to import individual instruments in a song, and then be able to control those individual instruments, just like with official assets, you will need to have an export of all audio layers in .wav or .ogg format, and name them in a specific way for easy import : Song title_Instrument name. Therefore sound files regarding to a song called “Here are the pirates” would look like this :
Here are the pirates_Drums.ogg
Here are the pirates_Violins.ogg
Here are the pirates_Flutes.ogg

Naming multi-layered songs this way will automatically group them when imported!

Step by step tutorial to import Music into a pack:

Step 1 : Create a new pack, or open an existing pack within the Pack creator, if it’s a new Pack, name it:

Step 2 : Open up your pack by clicking edit, then next:

Step 3 : Choose Soundscapes to add audio assets to your pack:

Step 4 : Click on add Songs, navigate your file browser to the folder you keep the .ogg/.wav files you wish to import! Select one by clicking, or multiple files by holding the ctrl button while clicking. If you would like to select all audio files within a folder, click the first file then hold shift, and click the last item to highlight them all, then click Open:

Step 5 : Optionally fill out the Artist name or add tags (separated by a comma) to your songs to be able to find them easier within the software. Click Save on top, and now the song is added to the pack. Scroll down to Import pack if you don’t want to put your song into a preset!

Adding songs to a preset

To have your presets tied into your pack and be ready for your session, you will need to create them within the pack creator.

Step 1 : After importing your Songs/Ambiences/SFXm click on the Presets tab:

Step 2: Create a new preset by clicking on the Create preset button. If you would like to create main and sub-presets, you will need to name your presets a certain way : Main preset-Sub preset. For this example we use a Tavern main preset, so all sub-presets of the Tavern : Calm,Busy,Tavern brawl – will be named like this :
Tavern-Tavern Brawl
This way when opening though the program, the Calm, Busy and Tavern Brawl will show up as Sub-Presets under the Tavern Preset:

Step 3:

Click on the freshly created preset, so add song, add ambience, and add sfx buttons light up. Now you are able to add sounds to your preset by clicking on those add buttons. To add a song for example from the library,  click on add song, select the song and click on the plus icon next to the song name, then hit save.

Importing the custom packs manually into the Master’s Toolkit

Once our pack is ready, we can import it via the Arkenforge Launcher.

Step 1: Click on the custom packs tab :

Step 2: Click on Import custom packs on the bottom :

Step 3: Navigate to your installation directory (Windows : C:/Arkenforge, Mac : Applications/Arkenforge) and search for the Custom Packs folder. In it you will find the .rwpack files you just created to import. If you downloaded Community packs, just navigate to your Downloads folder and select the pack files to import then click Select folder

Step 4: Check whether your Custom pack shows up in the list, if yes, launch the Master’s Toolkit :

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